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Key People

The Triple Play ATL Team

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Josh Burr

Executive Director of NYO Sports ATL

NYO is a core community hub of Atlanta and serves over 3,500 families and 5,000 athletes registered yearly and touches over 8,000 participants. NYO, established in 1959, is one of the largest intra-youth leagues in the nation and was Triple Play ATL 's first partner. In February 2022, in partnership with Westminster's Glenn Institute and with a generous donation from PopMenu and Glenn, the Triple Play Gear Dugout at NYO was created to help athletes borrow gear. In partnership, Triple Play hosted financial literacy seminars for underserved communities and their friends. In addition, NYO was one of the first partners of Triple Play's sister organization, Double Play.


James Rhee

Founder and CEO

James Rhee is a Westminster senior and is proud to be an NYO baseball, basketball, football, summer and travel team alum. James considers NYO as his second home. He started doing service since Trinity Elementary School with his family.  One of the first was at NYO volunteering with players with disabilities, Christopher's league. As well, a digital storyteller and social entrepreneur, James is passionate about the power of writing to share diverse voices and the power of teamwork to promote equity in opportunity. Without the help of so many families, community members, mentors, and organizations, Double and Triple Play would not be possible. Finally, since having 2 significant back fractures, James is also deeply interested in sports injury prevention.

twitter: jamesrhee88


Foundational Supporters

Merrill Lynch/ Bank of America, Future is Now (Will Benson), Mentoring Viable Prospects (Greg Goodwin), the Glenn Institute (Meghan James) and MGBA (Marquis Grissom).

With us since our founding, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Future is Now, the Glenn Institute, MVP, and MGBA have been our foundational supporters. A special shout out to MLB player Will Benson for being our first partner and helping us to host our first talk to Therrell High School in Dekalb County. Also, a special shout out to MVP and Greg Goodwin for allowing our organization to the opportunity to speak to a coast to coast and international audience!

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