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Here in our news section, you’ll find stories and the latest updates about how our work is helping to level the playing field.

Triple Play ATL's first program at Therrell High School in Dekalb County. Over a year in the making during COVID, this was in partnership with MLB player Will Benson and the Future is Now Program.

February 2022

Persistence ultimately paid off. After 13 months of work, multiple rejections, and several cancellations due to Covid in 2021 and spring of 2022, Triple Play's first official seminar on financial literacy to underserved communities was in the books. Our first talk on student money basics was to Therrell High School students in Dekalb County in partnership with The the Future is Now, MLB player, Will Benson's program for under-resourced communities. The Future is Now's goal is to help youth achieve career goals through funding, inspiration, and navigation. 

Photo credit: general photo from Therrell High School Twitter Account, not from the event.

From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of Triple Play ATL

July 2022

"Money education, a critical part of life success, but not taught in school."

Even though gear equity is important, financial literacy is perhaps more critical in underserved communities. Secondly, even though many aspire to play sports at the highest level, everyone needs a plan B. This was the advice we learned from our partners with our organization Double Play ATL. Our inspirations were MLB Braves legend Marquis Grissom, MVP founder and Atlanta community icon, Greg Goodwin, former Stanford baseball player Michael Boden, and MLB player Will Benson. Thus, the idea of Triple Play was born.

Triple Play ATL CEO speaks at the MVP Symposium

July 23, 2022

As Triple Play ATL's founder, I shared my vision and spoke at Mentoring Viable Prospects Symposium on July 23, 2022. Held at Arabia Mt. High School, it hosted 125-175 students and their families from around the country (CA, NC, TN, VA, IL, CA, & GA). Mentoring Viable Prospect's mission is to provide opportunities and exposure for young minority and underserved athletes pursuing a college education.

The following Wednesday, in partnership with Merrill Lynch and Bank of America, Triple Play hosted a financial literacy seminar about student money basics from coast to coast and internationally. 

2023 Spotlight on South Dekalb: Triple Play's Never Give Up Attitude

Triple Play Student Money Management Talk South Dekalb Tribe January 2023

Over a year in the making, despite multiple obstacles, through teamwork and a never give up attitude, Triple Play and Southwest Dekalb Tribe combined forces for a successful student money management talk to both students, friends, and family! Special Thanks to head of South Dekalb Tribe founder and head, Willie Slayton, for his leadership and partnership

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